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Can You Simply Trust? – Marsha Sinetar

For decades, I’ve thought about one question: How do we develop the only kind of faith that Jesus said invites us into the Kingdom of God?

In Can You Simply Trust? I’ve tried to answer from my lifelong educator’s calling and from the contemplative life of prayer that means so much to me.

My first chapters are simple enough for young or rushed readers; later chapters seem mystical enough to captivate the theologically astute.

  • First, I focus on children, and how we adults may encourage or discourage their budding trust and faith, and…
  • Next, I explain how we learn to trust and distrust. Ever the teacher, I see my various components as life-skills, as learnable – not cast in stone.
  • I share techniques – and the “building blocks” of strengthening our faith – the kind that (eventually) ‘‘moves mountains” as responsibly as befits our own unique situations, experience, and level of faith itself.
    I believe my educator’s tools – not advice – meets us where we are right now.
  • I’ve shared my self-confessed bias about prayer, specifically contemplative prayer with which, given my life, I am so familiar.

Throughout, I offer practical life-skills that seem to support an innocent trust and faith. I’ve derived my principles from my near-lifetime of work with all ages and types of people, and  from my ongoing private leadership development practice that continues today.

Have I succeeded in answering my own question about growing in simple trust and faith? I hope you’ll tell me.

About My Life’s Story

Joyful In The Silence - Marsha Sinetar

Joyful In The Silence – Marsha Sinetar

Welcome to my autobiography!   In it, you’ll read of my childhood in Asia, days in boarding school (until, as was typical, I got thrown out ), family and financial woes. It took time and ingenuity to shape a   “casual”  contemplative life.
I tell of my first teaching years (which I loved so much) and how I built my solo, national leadership practice.  Faith enabled this contemplative life that sustains, enriches, and bless me.  All this and more, I hope you’ll read for yourself in…

Joyful In The Silence –

You may also order it wherever books are sold, worldwide.

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Reviews of “Joyful in the Silence”

n Your book is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. The Afterword touched my heart in an profound way…it brought me to tears. VW. Sonoma County, Ca.

n Frequently I make notes in the front of a book I am reading….[for this]  I have 39 entries in the front …!     [e.g.,]…Page 15 – I had a nice chuckle at you being called a “shameful sinner ….  R, NYC

n Your [Memoir] is wonderful. I can hardly put it down…  .F.V, N.J.

n I am completely absorbed…a beautiful book and I am completely engaged. F., NYC

Joyful In The Silence –