Marsha Sinetar with cows

Sinetar & Associates Annual Shareholders Meeting, 1985
Photographer: David Torres
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Marsha Sinetar began her professional life as a first grade teacher, moved through the ranks of public instruction into the principalship, then District administration, then left to start her own private sector leadership development firm, often functioning as an Ombudsman and a natural peace-maker, and facilitator of new merger-acquisition management teams.

Concurrently, she began writing books related to spiritual actualization. Around 2000 she founded The Sinetar (Teleios) Center – her service/ministry outreach (and now audio archive) related to spiritual wholeness through the contemplative way.

Sinetar’s sole focus during all these decades has been what she calls “the true learning” – in work, choices, life-style and more – discovering, becoming, and actually being that genuine, creative, integrated self we were created to be.

Mission:  The  Sinetar (Teleios) C e n t e r  

To increase understanding of the progression and diverse expressions of the spiritual completion (teleios) toward which we strive; to advance and preserve selected principles of the contemplative tradition and the entirety of the founder’s body of work.