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Sinetar & Associates Annual Shareholders Meeting, 1985
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#101: A clip of an early broadcast with award-winning
interviewer and published poet, Fred Andrle;  features live, listener calls about Do What You Love,The Money Will Follow.

#300: A segment of a longer broadcast; this dialogue between poet and NPR radio host, Fred Andrle and MS on faith. MS recorded a special Introduction on her remarks to clarify a few repeating precepts we find in her body of work.

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#400: Sacred Life-Turns: Q/A with Fred Adler. Radio host Fred Adler (not to be confused with NPR host, Fred Andrle, above) and MS explore the contemplative way, specifically  why we sometimes sense it’s time to take a road less traveled

#405: Carolyn Craft’s Inner Wisdom. An excerpt – Interviewer, Carolyn Craft, Ph.D. with MS regarding “successful aging” – the theme of MS’s book, Don’t Call Me Old, I’m Just Awakening (Paulist Press.)  The dialogue is designed for helping professionals, but seems generic enough to interest a wider audience. The principles in the book were an outgrowth of leadership strategies provided by  MS for various Life Care corporations through approximately 2008. (For more information about the interviewer, see:


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Short Talks by MS For Colleagues of The Center:

#401: Contemplative Prayer – Many Methods; One Rule. MS with a personal approach to distractions in prayer. We hear a bit about her childhood, about one way she deals w/ “the monkey mind”, and a few comments on prayer and one of her Monographs  about contemplative study.

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