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In Thy Light, we shall see light. ~ Psalm 36:9

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Can You Simply Trust? – Marsha Sinetar

Can You Simply Trust?

  • What’s “simple trust”, how do we learn to trust, distrust, and grow stronger in the childlike faith that lets us enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
  • What are the critical, innocent, practical life skills that enable our entry into the Kingdom of Heaven?
  • Has my new book succeed in answering my own life’s questions about growing in simple trust and faith? I hope you’ll tell me.
    n “…few authors can express a spiritually exalted virtue in easily comprehensible examples without dumbing down the topic. [Here] Sinetar exquisitely distinguishes among theological principles including prayer, fear, faith, and love without being the least bit apologetic or condescending to the reader.”
    n “…the pictures of trusting children are as precious and endearing as the manuscript itself. Intelligent readers will welcome and cherish both the photos and the contents.” P.B. – NYC

    “ And If it did not have a healthy dose of mysticism, religion and spirituality  it would not be from [Sinetar]. ” John Rossini, NYC

Joyful In The Silence - Marsha Sinetar

Joyful In The Silence – Marsha Sinetar

Joyful In The Silence
Welcome to my autobiography!   In it, you’ll read of my childhood in Asia, days in boarding school (until, as was typical, I got thrown out ), family and financial woes. It took time and ingenuity to shape a   “casual”  contemplative life.
I tell of my first teaching years (which I loved so much) and how I built my solo, national leadership practice.  Faith enabled this contemplative life that sustains, enriches, and bless me.  All this and more, I hope you’ll read for yourself in…

n Your book is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. The Afterword touched my heart in an profound way…it brought me to tears. VW. Sonoma County, Ca.

n Frequently I make notes in the front of a book I am reading….[for this]  I have 39 entries in the front …!     [e.g.,]…Page 15 – I had a nice chuckle at you being called a “shameful sinner ….  R, NYC

n Your [Memoir] is wonderful. I can hardly put it down…  .F.V, N.J.

n I am completely absorbed…a beautiful book and I am completely engaged. F., NYC



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1. About Our Site:  Profound Meaning~Divine Purpose

To leaders, helping professionals, teachers, parents, and – yes – even the young:   Welcome to author-educator Marsha Sinetar’s website. Here, you’ll find ideas and resources for the rightlivelihood, or the divine purpose you may be  seekingin life.

Perhaps you’ll find spiritual guidance, ways toward wholesome choices.  There’s  a blog or two on cultivating intuition, and the patterns and principles of a reverential, possibly  even holy, life. The first blog is on Divine purpose; hopefully with depth of thought for those who aim to grow spiritually and/or who are qualified to guide others. We try to avoid quick fixes and “feel good” answers.

Deeper thought reflects the unequaled author-educator MarshaSinetar’sgenerous view of people, service, vocation, and the Sacred. As we read in her autobiography Joyful in the Silence,her life experiences, service in both public and private sectors, her calling to a set-apart, contemplative life,and her love of “teaching those who love teaching self-and-other in the  art of learning to learn.”All such as this creates Sinetar’s place in a long line of world-class contributors to the greater good.

From her first book,Ordinary People as Monks & Mystics,Sinetar distinguished herself as a spiritual leader with a transcendent worldview.Of that book, one professor of spiritual history wrote:

[Sinetar] is at home with Zen masters, Thomas Merton, modern psychologists, and medieval mystics. As a Campus Minister, I find these ideas very helpful. 

 Benedict Auer,O.S.B. Professor of Spiritual History.

Throughout Marsha Sinetar’s website, we find resources for whatSinetar calls true learning –  knowledge of who one is at the level of the soul, who one is created to be, and how one is summoned into life. True learning involves the discernment not always gained from books or degrees. For those seeking divine prupse, true learning results inspiritual fulfillment.

2. About Spiritual Guidance

Our site offers resources for guidance – by means of our blogs, perhaps a word from a review and short summaries – about Sinetar’s body of work. We note a progressively spiritual voice, a deeper turning of sorts toward spiritual life. (For another look at that “turn,” please visit our YouTube archive of interviews and short talks.)

There is subtle guidance here, but not “advice”, Is this suitable for all manner of visitors? You be the judge.  You may  find resources and ideas to support professionals, parents, teachers, and others’spiritual skills,E.G., Such skills include intuitive wisdom, the clarity of self-knowledge that can say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as if one means it.

Oursite tells of a body of work well-known for its crossover religious, culturaland reconcilingtone. Here are universal ideas that supportreaders’ holistic development, their respect for their own interior landscape,and maybe even their unique contemplative spirituality.

For example,of her book  Spiritual Intelligence,one therapist wrote,

I’m carrying it around to show clients at some point in the session…it is very nearly every person’s story…[Sinetar] captures childhood’s inner organizing, who/what imprinted us, [i.e., formed]…”

Remember, the pioneering educator-author began her professional life as a primary teacher, taught many grades, was a school principaland district administrator,and consulted for the State Dept. of Ed. Her very being is rooted in the love of children, teaching, and being of service to people of every age and walk.

  Plus, considerher 30-year corporate/ leadership career. In her  body of work, we find depth and spiritual wisdom for life fulfillment.

About, Spiritual Intelligence–Sinetar’sbook aboit spiritually gifted (or“early awakening”, “old souls”-) one reviewer noted:

Whenever we see and appreciate the spiritual

gifts in our children, we enrich our own lives. Here is the kind of spiritual vigor  Jesus is talking about.

 The Faith Connection