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In Thy Light, we shall see light. ~ Psalm 36:9

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Can You Simply Trust? – Marsha Sinetar

Can You Simply Trust?

  • What’s “simple trust”, how do we learn to trust, distrust, and grow stronger in the childlike faith that lets us enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
  • What are the critical, innocent, practical life skills that enable our entry into the Kingdom of Heaven?
  • Has my new book succeed in answering my own life’s questions about growing in simple trust and faith? I hope you’ll tell me.
    n “…few authors can express a spiritually exalted virtue in easily comprehensible examples without dumbing down the topic. [Here] Sinetar exquisitely distinguishes among theological principles including prayer, fear, faith, and love without being the least bit apologetic or condescending to the reader.”
    n “…the pictures of trusting children are as precious and endearing as the manuscript itself. Intelligent readers will welcome and cherish both the photos and the contents.” P.B. – NYC

    “ And If it did not have a healthy dose of mysticism, religion and spirituality  it would not be from [Sinetar]. ” John Rossini, NYC

Joyful In The Silence - Marsha Sinetar

Joyful In The Silence – Marsha Sinetar

Joyful In The Silence
Welcome to my autobiography!   In it, you’ll read of my childhood in Asia, days in boarding school (until, as was typical, I got thrown out ), family and financial woes. It took time and ingenuity to shape a   “casual”  contemplative life.
I tell of my first teaching years (which I loved so much) and how I built my solo, national leadership practice.  Faith enabled this contemplative life that sustains, enriches, and bless me.  All this and more, I hope you’ll read for yourself in…

n Your book is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. The Afterword touched my heart in an profound way…it brought me to tears. VW. Sonoma County, Ca.

n Frequently I make notes in the front of a book I am reading….[for this]  I have 39 entries in the front …!     [e.g.,]…Page 15 – I had a nice chuckle at you being called a “shameful sinner ….  R, NYC

n Your [Memoir] is wonderful. I can hardly put it down…  .F.V, N.J.

n I am completely absorbed…a beautiful book and I am completely engaged. F., NYC



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