A Spiritual Friendship

A Spiritual Friendship

“…it lifted my consciousness to the clouds. … [I] will read it again and again when I need encouragement.”
CH. California.

“This dialogue between two women – a cloistered nun and a successful secular friend is contemporary without being trendy, profound yet not heavy. For both…spirituality is fundamental, the form is incidental. Being rooted in God, their friendship bonds deeply, transcending differences in lifestyles, making it easy for readers to relate to their God-centered sisterhood.”
Fr. Jacob Raub, Abbey of Gethsemane, author of “Who Told You You Were Naked?”

“It’s beautiful. I’m reading it like a meditative piece and can see my women’s business group taking a chapter a month to engage in dialogue. It will be a classic, timeless yet always current.”
PM. The KRCo., Corona Del Mar, California.

“Finally! In the sea of superficial, quick-fix philosophies that attempt to pass as spiritual enrichment, here is solid mooring…These two women illuminate our path to substantive spirituality.”
RP. CSSR, Executive Editor. N.Y.

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