Elegant Choices, Healing Choices

Elegant Choices, Healing Choices book cover

“An outstanding guide on how to stay health – body, mind, and spirit. It is remarkably both very practical and highly elegant; must reading for anyone interested in wholeness and personal growth.”
– Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D. Psychiatrist and author of
Making Peace With Yourself and Making Peace With Your Your Parents

“Marsha Sinetar has performed her master surgery again! She cuts deep and lays bare how our minute-by-minute and often unnoticed choices empower us for the BIG choices of life … or death. Moving and compelling reading for anyone wishing to improve the quality of life and work.”
– Jerry Johnson, Creator/Host
KCBS Radio, San Francisco

“Marsha Sinetar has written a laudably simple book on one of life’s more confusing tasks – how we can live in a way that encourages self-esteem, self-respect, and, most importantly, joy in who we are.”
Sara Medford, Book Editor
New Woman Magazine

“… Elegant Choices, Healing Choices is ‘must reading’ for those who realize the need to choose wisely and who wish to live their lives in a more reflective, conscious and selectively enriched manner. It is an excellent resource for individual reading and reflection, small group sharing and study and adult education programs, workshops and retreat experiences.”
Daniel J. Pierson, Director of Religious Education
Diocese of Grand Rapids

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